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  • I am a Mac girl from way back, and I play well with PCs.
  • Extremely organized in keeping all local files current, properly named, and consistent with server copies. Precise when it comes to file organization and web coding.
  • Skilled designer who puts a lot of thought into the process of designing an interface or a site. User experience and attractive sensible look & feel is of utmost importance.
  • Designed numerous sites around the WordPress PHP-based CMS systems, as well as old school straight up HTML and dynamic php. Able to migrate WP hosted sites to self hosted sites. (WP.com to WP.org)
  • As comfortable designing web solutions as logos or vector artwork or photo manipulation.
  • Familiar with restoring sites from backup – and BTW backing up & keeping a backup in two places is really important (You’ll thank me when you need your first database backup.)
  • Well-rounded and happy freelance designer and developer, excels at creating in her home office, and welcomes the opportunity to create useful beauty for other people as well.