About Zoe Snyder, your designer

Zoe Snyder customized WordPress Websites Houston, Texas

I graduated a full 4 years from Hollins College, a private women’s college in Roanoke, Virginia.  My junior year I studied abroad in Paris, France, where I lived with a family and their two children. Mornings I and walked past L’Arc de Triomphe on my way to school. I studied and spoke a lot of French, and pretty much had all sorts of cool adventures that you’d expect from a creative optimistic energetic 18 year old.

After college, armed with a Liberal Arts degree, I attended, and graduated from The Art Institute of Houston (2 years), with a degree in Visual Communications.

Then along came apple and digital printing:

I worked about 3 years at a Kinkos (before they merged with FedEx), which is where my education about computers, and offset printing became more deeply founded. I learned so much working there. I got to see the printing process up-close. I learned how to create metal plates that the 2-color presses used for print jobs. (Another run was necessary for 4 color work.) I saw the 2- or 4- color printing process first-hand which was invaluable to a graphic artist…as you might imagine.

With the arrival of apple computers came the ability to do magazine and book layouts digitally on a computer. It was a major change in the way printing happened and opened up new doors for the art of graphic design.

I am a creative person who loves what I do. I will listen to you and get a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish. Together we will construct the map and strategy that works best for you. I can build you a wordpress website that you will be proud to send inquiring minds to.

I will listen, gather and act upon a strategy to produce your desired product, be it a website, logo, stationery package, or book cover design.

How I am different:

I want to know you and understand your needs. I am curious and will ask questions until I the picture becomes clear and I know what the next step is. I want to know who and what I am creating for and why I am creating it. Do YOU know why you want a website?

I love the thrill I feel when the web design comes together. It is a moment. Visitors to your site will love that thrill, too.

It is useful to know what you want your website to do for you, so that I can construct it accordingly. 

You’d think it’s an easy question, but many people aren’t as clear about thier website goals as they need to be to build an effective website.

Imagine That....

Imagine you are at a party, and someone comes up to you and asks:

“So, what do you do?”

You can reply,

“Visit my website to read about the book i just wrote!”
These are my offerings: Website Build, Graphic Design, and Consultation. If you need help in any aspect of these three, pick one, and let's go!