Determine 64-bit compliant apps MacOS 10.14 or higher

Is your mac app 32-bit? NOTE: This is a very general post. I am not too code savvy with back-end MAC structure, well…just enough to make me DANGEROUS!! (I have not broken any MAC I was not later able to revive…) {“type”:”block”,”srcClientIds”:[“5e3a2966-f699-4952-a091-23de35b86eb2″],”srcRootClientId”:””} FROM ARTICLE: You may have heard that Apple plans to stop support for 32-bit apps across iOS […]

Create New User via ftp

Create A New User via php for a wordpress site

Creating a user via ftp is a very cool and helpful trick! When might you need to add a user via ftp? Sometimes you may forget your username or password, and/or you may not have access to the admin email on the account to reset a password. You will, however,  need to have ftp access […]

Mac OS Character Order

Customized Wordpress websites - - Houston, Tx

I like to keep folders and files organized and systematically arranged in my computer. If I have folders that I still want to available, but not have to appear alongside other more current folder, I can name them (preface the name with: ‘Ω_‘ so they appear at the bottom of the list of folders in […]