The Blog-Post-Website-Email-Social Media Cycle

Are you confused as to how to handle the blog post aspect of your website? You want people to read your article, right? So doesn’t it make sense to put it all in your newsletter and send it out to your audience? Read on… The email newsletter is just a place to give me a […]

Why You Need a Monthly Website Maintenance Plan

Icons for wordpress monthly maintenace

Out-of-date software is the #1 cause of malware injections. Keeping your site plugins, themes and WordPress core up-to-date is the first, and easiest, line of defense against malware attacks. If you have a wordpress web site, you can’t just “set-it-and-forget-it”. Regular site management is smart, and protects your site from getting hacked. The internet is […]

Do You Need A Website Makeover?

Does Your Website Look Dated? Like fashion or hairstyles, websites, too can become outdated. When it comes to visitors to your site, you have precious few moments to keep visitors engaged. When you have a fast-loading and up-to-date web site with current relevant content, visitors will want to hang around longer. The more time they […]