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Website design and development for

BodyOm Spa Retreat: customized website design by - Houston, Texas

Project Details

Frances’ old website was upgraded from a static html site to one that is responsive. Responsive refers to the behavior that a website will resize to the viewport of a phone, or tablet or laptop.

Design Details:

I designed and coded the appearance of the decorative element that runs across the top of the page. I custom coded the different hover color that appears on the navigation menu.

  • Implemented an updated wordpress theme.
  • Wrote customized code for responsive use (to be used on mobile devices and tablets)
  • Selected relevant images to be used throughout the site pages
  • Optimized the site’s SEO to improve web traffic
  • I guided France to write a few blog posts to indicate to visitors what her interests are. This way visitors to the site determine can explore what she has written to see if they resonate with France and would like to use her services.

See my blogpost: The Blog-Post-Email-Social-Media Cycle


Logo design by Zoe Snyder


Business Card Design by Zoe ~ Houston, TX and Boulder, CO.

Various web & Graphic Design for print

Graphics by Zoe Snyder

website graphics by Zoe Snyder