Why You Need a Monthly Website Maintenance Plan

Out-of-date software is the #1 cause of malware infections.

Hackers are hard at work 24/7 trying all which ways to break into web systems. You’d think they have better things to do! Keeping your site plugins, themes and WordPress core up-to-date is the first and easiest line of defense against keeping your site safe and secure.

Remember those bots drilling into The Nebuchadnezzar ship on The Matrix? Hackers are like that!

Hacking Happens! If you have a website, and don’t take even the most rudimentary measures to repel malware, it is open to getting hacked. You can’t just “set-it-and-forget-it”. The internet is constantly changing & updating. Software must stay caught up with these changes to function optimally and to maintain security against malware intrusion. An outdated plugin is an easy way for a hack to find its way into your site. As a matter of fact…

Wordpress and the internet is changing all the time, and updates are a priority to keep ahead of malware hacks.

Why You Need Me

Full Service: Maintaining websites is tedious and technical. If you are a small or mid-level company with no internal web team, you don’t want to slow down your company processes by handing maintenance tasks over to someone who isn’t familiar with web site updates and internet hacks. Let me handle the tedium for you so you can focus on running your business.

Security: Hackers are working round the clock looking for ways to break into any and all internet web systems These attacks are nothing personal but simply the way it is. Taking a few steps of protection in a monthly maintenance plan can save you a lot of head ache and heart ache and money in the end.

Peace of Mind: My job as a professional is to stay on top of the latest updates and possible web hacks that are out there. I know the measures to take to keep your site protected. In the event that a hacking of some sort does occur, I will have the necessary backup files to get your site up and running fast.

What You Get

UPDATES: 2x every month, (1st & 15th), I will log into your site and make sure all themes and plugins are up to date. In the event that a plugin update interrupts or changes the effectiveness of that plugin, I will research to find a suitable substitute or make appropriate changes to address the issue. If any work resulting from updates wildly exceeds 1 hour (including excessive phone time/support), there will be additional charges.

BACKUPS: I back up your site and send the files to a secure offsite location. You do not want your site backups sent to your host, where your site is kept, because if your server goes down, so does access to your backups. 2 schedules for backup will be created: 1. Database Only, 2.Database and WordPress files

• I will review all usernames and passwords to make sure they are smart and secure.
• I will rotate the WordPress security keys
• I will harden your file permissions
• I will install a selection security plugins tailored for your site for added protection.
• I will look at error logs to see if any erratic behavior is showing up

Get Started Now!

You’ve got important things to do in your business. My business is keeping your website working smoothly so that you can do your business.

Possible snafus when a plugin gets updated:

  • plugin update breaks the site
  • updated plugin doesn’t perform the way it used to
  • plugin is abandoned (no longer being supported by) it’s author. This means as time moves on, and other updates are happening, this plugin will not be be protected by future hacks.

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur – Red Adair


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