We Meet :: We Assess Goals :: We Strategize :: We Implement

1. Lets Talk:

We talk to discuss and discover where you are now, what you have in terms of a current web presence, and where you want to go. It pretty much boils down to: you want more business. If you are an author, or a workshop leader, or selling widgets, you want attention brought where people can take action / make a choice to interact with you in some offering you present.

2. Clarify Site Goals / Action Steps:

I submit that your site goal is to bring attention to your website, or other social media channels you might have going where visitors to your site have a variety of ways to take action. What action do you want your site visitors to take? Do you have products or services to sell? Do you want to send out periodic newsletters or email campaigns? Do you have recurring events to be displayed on your site? Do you plan on blogging to share your knowledge or expertise on a topic?

Based on your services or programs you offer, we can come up with a plan that engages visitors to sign up for a newsletter, download a pdf, like you on Facebook, or sign up for a workshop. Here are some possible site goals for you to consider:

Getting message and goals clear from the start is one of the most important steps to a successful and easy website completion. The flow of these processes will guide the website build.

3. Design the site:

Outlining page structure before any coding is implemented is often overlooked. We will discuss the sitemap / page structure of your site, as well as construct the categories of your blog articles.

4. Define Timeline:

Depending on how large or small a site we are building together, as well as other projects I have on my plate, we will set a timeline towards a website completion date.

5. Gather Content:

Gathering the words and images that will fill your pages can take the most time. The copy needs to be well-written, with a minimum of SEO attention to the main pages. Do you need a new headshot or quality images of your book or product? These are some of the items to complete for this phase.

6. Build:

I install the wordpress software, and theme, select fonts and colors, and begin creating your site.