One-on-One WordPress Tutoring: Minutes that last a lifetime.

Internet One-on-One 101

Do you want to be able to make edits on your own, without calling your web person all the time?

This one-to-one hour is for you. If you live in Houston, we can do a live side-by-side, otherwise a screen share is extremely useful. We will look at your dashboard, and how to interact with the various elements that you see there. Since this is live, will be right here to answer any ad all questions and issues as they arise in the moment while you are in front of your computer.

Imagine getting that article that’s been hanging around as an MS Word doc on your computer for years, finally up and posted on your website for the world to see!

Getting familiar with your WordPress website

Sometimes we know exactly how to begin. Sometimes we have questions. Lets spend some time together and get all the questions answered that you have about your site, your business, your web options and site hosting possibilities.

Some of the topics we can explore together:
  • How do I purchase a new domain name?
  • How do I make a new blog post?
  • How do I add a page to my navigation bar?
  • How do I get a flyer for my new course to appear on the sidebar?
  • How can I add something to my footer?
  • Why is all my text bold?
  • What is a widget?
  • How can I improve my current site?
  • How can I use Facebook or Twitter to spread the word about my business?
  • Can you review my current site and tell me what you think I should do to improve it?
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