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Holding something physical in your hand — a piece of paper, a folding brochure, a book — is a much different experience than viewing something on a screen. Where and how designs are viewed play a big role in the decisions designers make. Graphic design isthe tool used to get your images and ideas on paper.

  • Book Cover & Pages Layout – Get a customized cover designed for you book. I use state-of-the-art software for your inside pages layout, and together we can look at the best publishing options for your situaion.
  • Logo Design – The symbol for your business. This is the image /idea that will get repeated everywhere: on your website, on your Facebook page, on your Twitter account, email auto responders and email marketing. Also on your Google+ account. It will be the avatar representing you or your business wherever you go on the web. Should you ever guest post on some one else’s blog, your avatar will globally represent you the same everywhere. If you don’t already have a logo or brand, let us create a look and feel for you via a customized logo.
  • Business card to match your logo. We all know how business cards work. They are useful to hand out almost anywhere providing people with something useful and attractive to remember you by AND get in touch with you.
  • Stationery package – A handwritten card or letter of thanks and appreciation is a quaint and personal way to send your message. One step above email, the fact that you took the time to hand write a thank you note on your personal/business stationery will make a memorable impression the recipient will remember.

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